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Aquasee  Swimming Goggle -10%

Aquasee Swimming Goggle

Ready Glazed.Benefitting From a Sleek Design, Aquasee Is Supplied As Standard With Two Bridge Fitmen..

£21.00 £18.90

Aquasee Competition Swimming Goggle -10%

Aquasee Competition Swimming Goggle

Ready Glazed.The competition offers a sleeker, face hugging style, with a quick adjust headstra..

£21.00 £18.90

Aquasee Small Swimming Goggle -10%

Aquasee Small Swimming Goggle

Ready Glazed.Smaller fit than the standard Aquasee. Suitable for children and smaller adults.Adjusta..

£21.00 £18.90

Barracuda 2 -10%

Barracuda 2

This diving mask has a broad silicone skirt which allows for a wide range of face fittings.Very low ..

£49.00 £44.10

Blick Swimming Goggle -10%

Blick Swimming Goggle

A great new addition to our full prescription swimming goggle range. Unlike the Swimvision and XRX g..

£64.95 £58.46

Glacier -10%


A classic mountaineering spectacle benefitting from good UV and light protection. All plastic constr..

£59.00 £53.10

Norville S737 Plano Protector -10%

Norville S737 Plano Protector

Robust, Lightweight Protective Eyewear.Meeys European Safety Standards.Anti Slip Nose Piece Ensures ..

£10.00 £9.00

Norville SJ1203  Bifocal Reader -10%

Norville SJ1203 Bifocal Reader

This Sports Eyewear Plano Frame Is Ideal For Those Needing To Get Close Op Whist Protecting Their Ey..

£15.00 £13.50

Snooker -10%


The Snooker rimless offers deep lenses with corrected pantascopic tilt for head down, and tilt to al..

£89.00 £80.10

SRX 02 -10%

SRX 02

A wrap shield with a difference. The SRX 02 has a flip up polycarbonate green tinted shield 17% LTF ..

£59.00 £53.10

SRX 02 Replacement Shields -10%

SRX 02 Replacement Shields

SRX 02 Replacement ShieldsReplacement Shields For The SRX 02Available In Clear and Yellow..

£15.00 £13.50

SRX 06 -10%

SRX 06

Vented Ski Goggle with Prescription Insert. Additional polycarbonate dark grey tinted and polarised ..

£79.00 £71.10

SRX 07 -10%

SRX 07

This classic wrap benefits from a good streamlined design with additional temporal protection from w..

£59.00 £53.10

SRX 08 -10%

SRX 08

A twist on the classic aviator mountaineering spectacle the SRX 08 has a streamlined design with add..

£79.00 £71.10

SRX 09 -10%

SRX 09

The SRX 09 has a flip up Grey Polycarbonate tinted shield. The prescription insert behind is empty a..

£69.00 £62.10

SRX 09 Replacement Shields -10%

SRX 09 Replacement Shields

SRX 09 Replacement ShieldsReplacement Shields For The SRX 09Available In Clear and Yellow..

£15.00 £13.50

Swimvision 2 -10%

Swimvision 2

This updated version of the original Swimvision swimming goggle is available in two sizes.Unique 'to..

£59.00 £53.10

Ultravision -10%


Supplied with a full silicone surround, this mask benefits from a unique fitting system.Comprising o..

£49.00 £44.10

Windrams 2 -10%

Windrams 2

Upgraded Windrams now benefits from a new snap in/out Prescription Insert, along with an adjustment ..

£89.00 £80.10

Windrams Ram X -10%

Windrams Ram X

Ram X by Windrows benefits from a flip-up shield system which boasts interchangeable shield options...

£89.00 £80.10