RE Ranger Falcon Pro 2.0 Interchangeable Shields

RE Ranger Falcon Pro 2.0 Interchangeable Shields

Interchangeable Shields which also fit the older Falcon Pro.

Now Supplied with a clear bridge as standard and new ergonomic fit.

Lens Size  72mm

Medium Yellow highlights orange targets and enhances contrast in low light or overcast conditions.

Dark Purple a great lens for very bright conditions. Provides contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. 

HD Light offers incredibly crisp, clear vision by incorporating precise technology that filters out blue light to increase contrast. Ideal for medium light conditions.

HD Dark offers the same clarity as the HD Medium lens, however goes a step further giving the shooter a flawless edge in the brightest of light conditions by cutting through sun glare and reducing stress on the eye with a very effective tint.

HD Copper lens tinted brown with blue blocker properties to improve sharpness and depth perception and reduce fatigue. Lens enhances red and orange targets.

Premium Colour Mag CMT intensifies orange targets against any background. See up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens without affecting other colours.

Due to low stock availability in the UK we will advise on a dispatch time on placement of order.


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